Human activities have discernibly contributed to raising emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) into the earth's atmosphere, resulting in concentrated levels that threaten the global climate system that supports the planet's basic life support functions. The Climate Change (CLC) Program at InsPIRE takes up the challenge of addressing this critical issue by working at the intersections of InsPIRE's Energy and Environment (E&E) and Natural Resources Management (NRM) Programs. It works to find solutions that can address various local and global climate change concerns while simultaneously contributing to environment-friendly economic growth and sustainable development. The CLC Program has been predominantly working on various projects in the GHG mitigation area and has grown progressively over the last few years. The main focus of the group in CDM field is in the GHG inventorization, development of mitigation measures, CDM project facilitation and capacity building, whereas in Environmental Management area, the group's major focus has been in the area of environmental audit and due diligence studies in the SME sectors and clusters, EIA and providing diagnostic solutions to pollution related issues.


InsPIRE, being member of the Expert Committee on CDM constituted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India has contributed significantly in the Renewable CDM project development area. Apart from, renewable energy projects, InsPIRE has been developing CDM projects in waste management and energy efficiency sector too. While developing these projects the group basically facilitates project developers in the full cycle of the CDM project by carrying out identification of CDMable projects, assessment of CDM potential as per the CDM guidelines, estimation of emission reduction potential, and preparation of requisite CDM documentation (PIN, PCN and PDD).

The CLC Program also assists and guides the project developers at various stages of CDM project cycle covering host country approval, validation, registration, verification and identification of emission reduction buyers and negotiation on the emission reduction transaction for renewable energy, fuel switching, sugar cogeneration, waste heat recovery, waste to energy, solid waste management and energy efficiency. Apart from working on voluntary carbon market issues with a focus on the Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard and the Chicago Climate Exchange, CLC has also been providing quality technical and training services to various stakeholders in the environmental sector.

The InsPIRE CLC team has vast experience in all these issues and keeps up-to-date with the latest events and happenings in the climate change negotiations. The team undertakes in-depth analysis of key developments from a developing country perspective. In their individual capacity, the team members have contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) process by providing inputs to the Third Assessment Report, IPCC Special Report of Carbon Capture and Storage, IPCC guidelines for the preparation of national GHG inventory, and in developing the methodology for estimating methane emission from rice cultivation.

InsPIRE continuously interacts and works with diverse stakeholder groups comprising industry, Government, research organizations, and NGOs to integrate climate change priorities into mainstream development planning and management, both at the national and regional levels. InsPIRE is a member of the Expert Committee on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) constituted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India.



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