We focus on four principal program areas:

In each of these areas we plan, implement and monitor projects, emphasizing the development of local institutions, leadership and skills at all levels. Our ultimate aim is putting ideas to work to change the lives of our project beneficiaries. [See some of InsPIRE's Stories from the field]

InsPIRE has the capability and experience on wide ranging issues to undertake challenging multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral projects in the developmental sector by consolidating innovative concepts, sound research, new technologies, capacity building, and local knowledge to achieve long-term success. InsPIRE engages community-based institutions on issues at the micro level, while simultaneously pursuing policy level initiatives to sustain the developmental growth. In this process, InsPIRE works independently and in collaboration with government, industry, NGOs, research institutions, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, and other stakeholders. The main areas of expertise of InsPIRE are project planning and monitoring; project management; research and analysis; training and capacity building; technology transfer facilitation; technical and financial advisory services; matching global resources to local requirements; information and communication technology; and networking.

InsPIRE's staff and resource persons comprise over 65 professionals who are experienced, qualified, innovative with multi-disciplinary strengths in engineering, energy & environmental management, natural resource management, financial and policy analysis, economics, sociology, forestry, agriculture, institutional development, education and information sciences. InsPIRE is headed by a President and guided by an eminent Board of Governors.

Many years of experience in diverse regions and cultures across the world give us the insight and ability to respond to the specific needs of both funding institutions and clients. Our internal support structure ensures that each activity is managed professionally, and we take pride in matching global resources to local requirements in an optimal and cost-effective manner.

We host the following specialized Groups:

See the diversity of our projects under each program area.



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Our Partners

Our key partners include Central and State governments (e.g. Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, Govt. of Orissa, Govt. of Chhattisgarh, etc. read more...

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