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The workshop intends to focus on the following key and relevant issues, many of which are hindering the growth of the solar markets in India and Philippines:

  • Government initiatives to stimulate the solar energy industry
  • Latest developments in EMPower partner countries
  • Future of concentrating solar power (CSP) project development opportunities in Asia Findings, Challenges and Economics
  • Steps towards commercialization and exploring the opportunities for investors
  • Latest trends in solar investments
  • Assessing the potential of solar power markets
  • Solar market development Market incentives and promotional schemes
  • Bankable solar projects Success factors and the role of financial institutions

The participation of the experts will aim towards:
  • Initiating dialogue and getting involved in knowledge sharing discussions so as to design framework conditions for large-scale solar power plants
  • Discussing results and impacts of the EMPower Program in Asia
  • Offering a stage for Indian, Philippines and European stakeholders to jointly analyze the market barriers existing for large-scale solar investments in Asia
  • Enabling the policy makers and companies for sharing their know-how, framework conditions (tariff structure, clearance procedures, technical expertise, and financing requirements) which can further help on overcoming / reduce existing market barriers.


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