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Dr Kinsuk Mitra, President, joined InsPIRE Network for Environment in 1998 and has been instrumental in its development since its inception. Kinsuk is a natural resource economist by training. He studied economics at the Presidency College, Calcutta and pursued his masters and doctorate in Natural Resource Economics at the University of Florida.

Kinsuk divides his workload between his interests in development and in institutional management and strengthening of InsPIRE Network for Environment. His areas of work range from environmental impact assessments to natural resources policy to ecosystems services.
His main concerns are in utilization of natural resources and its environmental implications on one hand and meeting the needs of the people, specially the poor, on the other. He works on a micro level to develop decentralized systems that are responsive to local needs and uses that experience to facilitate the process of transforming the policy framework to support the actions on the ground. He works with his eyes and ears close to the ground and spends a lot of time in the field working directly with marginalized communities in remote areas of India. He enjoys the wilderness and has a special affinity for the mountains.

Kinsuk pursues a vision of building a national institution that is both a think tank consisting of expert teams with an in-depth understanding of current developmental challenges and a facilitator of change that brings about tangible impacts on the ground. He promotes proliferation and application of information technology in InsPIRE Network for Environment's day to day functioning and participatory, transparent and dynamic organizational systems. He stays closely connected to his 55 enthusiastic colleagues to collectively fulfill InsPIRE Network for Environment's mission.

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