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Forest Management Group

The programmatic focus of the Forest Management (FM) Group has evolved considerably over the past few years. From a primarily forest management perspective, the FM group is now developing and implementing programs that encompass social, environmental and economic perspectives with regard to improved land husbandry and secure livelihoods for the poor. The group strives to be at the forefront of emerging innovative concepts and approaches by demonstrating them and facilitating knowledge sharing among stakeholders for their wider adoption.

The Landscape Approach, which recognizes and builds upon the inter-connectivity of systems, is currently one of the groupís main thrust areas and it is investing itself at the grassroots level to demonstrate the relevance and benefits of such an approach to policy makers, researchers and other practitioners. Systems for continuous learning is another of the groupís areas of work and it has been involved with a variety of stakeholders Ė from local communities to policy makers and international researchers Ė towards achieving this. The FM groupís projects aim at streamlining learning within project management to improve project implementation. Further, by building on collaborations with national and international institutions and established associations with relevant ministries and government departments, the group aims to contribute significantly towards improved development policy making, planning and implementation.

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