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Outreach Overview

The Outreach divisionís forays into development communication have been significant and progressive, increasing our capacity to navigate from one media to another, to choose between the multiple communication tools and adapt strategies according to the project goal. The division undertakes various activities that are geared to encourage the adoption and understanding of core issues that form the basis of InsPIREís work in the areas of natural resources management, clean and renewable energy and climate change. Using a variety of communication tools, including print and electronic media, the division produces a range of documents Ė brochures, newsletters, bulletins, magazines, proceedings of conferences/workshops, calendars Ė and hosts and maintains topical websites. All activities, beginning with information collection, consolidation, review, analysis and compilation, to editing, designing, layout, dissemination and marketing, are handled by an in-house team of professionally qualified analysts, editors, designers and marketing specialists.

Dissemination activities also form an integral component of the divisionís activities, which involve hosting and participating in major events; pro-active mailing campaigns; web-link exchanges; consolidation of existing customized
databases and creation of new ones. The division forms a repository of knowledge, which includes the InsPIRE library that fulfils the intellectual needs of the organizationís staff members.

The Outreach Program relates with a variety of people, programs and organizations through the following activities:

Publications: Reaching out through a variety of newsletters, books, proceedings, monographs and reports

Events: Reaching out through seminars, conferences and other events

Training: Skills-oriented and hands-on workshops and study tours

Media: Reaching out through what the press talks about us

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