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Reaching out through print

InsPIRE Network for Environment (InsPIRE) has an in-house publication unit that uses advanced infrastructure and experience to produce high-quality print publications. Starting with two newsletters, RepsoVision and Cane Cogen India, in 1998, the Outreach division has over the years developed and published several newsletters focusing on the key thematic areas of InsPIREís work. Newsletters such as Resource, Biofuels India, ACT, Cane Cogen India, SARI/Energy newsletter, INFORM, Renewable Energy India, Bioenergy India, MSME in addition to a number of books in forestry, field reports, case studies, conference proceedings, etc. have been a part of the range.

These publications have reached out to a wide-ranging target base and established themselves as a reliable source of information on a variety of issues ranging from technology and financing to policies and program implementation. Our newsletters reach over 10,000 organizations, energy professionals, corporate houses, government sector and individuals across the world.

Our publications are categorized as under:

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